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Core advertising slogan:      We only make healthy flooring!
Core value of the company: There is no end to be essence and innovation。
We insist on:                          Carrying out the standard of the ISO international quality manegement system,innovating products,technics and manegement unceasingly.
Core idea:                               Create envoronmental freindly and elegant family life.
Company willing:                   Be a lasting long enterprise,set a benchmark for this industry.
View of value:                         Customers’satisfaction  is the premise for the realization of enterprise’s and personal value.
Company spirit:                      Perseverance and the pursuit of excellence.

We Spread the excellent enterprise idea to all employees,and make it an idea the whole company should insist on.We take quality of the products and scientific innovation sa the two wings. We insist on scientific view of talent and view of development, trying our best to make contributions to the developement of social,culture and economy, setting an example for national enterprises!

Company style:                      Details determines succeess or not, speed determines efficiency.

Brand manegement policy:essence in quality, honesty in manegement, genuines in service and environmental freindly.

We take honesty as fundamental, quality as life , reputation as cornerstone. All the 17 years is the brand building 17years. These 17 years’ experience is the important resource and the life of the company developing. Look,the Cohabitation and disorder of market,good ones and bad ones, they hurt the market so badly. But we always insist on going our way of brand in this chaos environment. This is so-called that it is when the seas are turmoil that can show the significant quality of a hero. Looking to the future, we will do as we always did,insisting setting business by brand,paying back to the social, blooming the light of the brand St paul more shining. And we also believe that with our efforts, the national wood flooring industry would develope more orderly under our influence

Brand positioning:                 High-quality high-grade flooring experts
Employee belief: uniting  together, intergrety  producing and being active is the firm belief of each employees.Hard working can be found everywhere in the company. The future is not only ours,but yours.each agent is a member of the big family of St Paul wood  flooring.


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