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A birth of a brand must interprates a kind of culture. St.paul is a noun stands for pasion, dream and charm.

St.paul--the original insppiration comes from the bible! Comes from the infinite longing for the st paul city, and comes from the infinate dream of this great anciant European architectural art cathedral!

St paul cathedral may not be the larger one of the world,but it is definately famous attractive and admired by people. It made a ner order and a new mode by its compact structure,solemn mnodel and magnificent momentum. It interpretates the elegance and perfection of classicism.

And then, the miraculous brightness of the brand St paul spirit collides stronger sparks:We want to create St paul a charmy brand which is inherent and can’t be coppied by its rigorous  craftwork and innovative thinking.

St paul should last long and set a benchmark for the industry.

St paul must be admired and respected by customers and peers.

St paul may not be a large one but should be healthy and environmental freindly, charmy,and connotative.St paul creates a totally different value. The idea of St paul is “go onto the world and harmony not the sameness.”More importantly, to creates great difference bravely and skillfully.

When passion meets dream,it comes to the world of  today’s St paul who has vision to look at the whole world.

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