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In 2015,St paul was assessed as 2015 floor Chinese * brand by the network media .
         St Paul Aurora series floor came on the market, reaching the peak of perfection"
         "kindness spread all over the world, love transmit thousand miles” St Paul cares for veterans of the war.

In 2014, St paul  was named the China top * brand in flooring industry in 2014 by network media.
        St paul participates in the drafting of national standard Technical requirements for solid wood floor for heating and has become one of the main drafting unit;
        St paul WeChat public platform subscription went online;
        Packaging box of solid wood, multilayer wood products were all renewed, using the packing box with a security label ;
        The St paul floor APP digital analog display system was launched

In 2013,  St paul was named top 10 flooring barand of China. And was approved to be green laminate flooring engeneering technology research centre.

In 2012,  St paul was named top 10 flooring brand in China of the year 2012.

In 2011,  St paul gained two patents in utility new model.
        And was autherised as National forestry intellectual property pilot unit.

In 2010 ,  “the international standard F4 floor” gained the certificate of adopting international standard product mark awarded by the national standadization manegement
        St paul was named the secondry high and new technology enterprise of Hunan in 2010
        St paul gained one patent of invention and three utility new patents.
        St paulobtained 15 years in flooring industyr of China achivement award.
According to the document number 31 of Ministry of finance and Ministry of environmental protection[2010], St paul wood flooring was selected as environmental labeling product and goverment adopting products (the 5th list).

In 2009,  St paul was named “green industry”, “advanced private enterprise” and “garden unit of Changsha”

In may, 2008, St paul became the unit of drawing the national standard (GB/T18102-2007) of Laminate floor covering

In 2007,  The sales network of St paul has coverd more than 30 provinces, cities, autonomous regions and has more than 1200 county-level markets.
        Sigh the contract with the famous film and television actor Honglei Sun as the spokesperson of brand St paul.

In 2006,  the founder of St paul, Shaobo Du, became one of the main principle drafts of laminate floor covering
        the founder of St paul, Shaobo Du, gained the personal achivement award issued by China Forestry Industry Assosiation Profeesional Committee.
        St paul wood flooring was titled “the quality of reliable products” of Changsha.
        St paul wood flooring was titled “ the key recomended products” and “ quality tracking products” of Hunan province.
        St paul was titled the “quality, service, reputation AAA grade enterprise.”
        St paul was titled the “national heavy quality, advanced credibility unit”

In 2005,  St paul wood flooring was titled the exellent brand of influential laminate floor covering in chines wood flooring industry in 2004 to 2005.
        The founder of St paul, Shaobo Du, gained the personal achivement award issued by China Forestry Industry Assosiation Profeesional
        St paul won the “national exemption product” title after the strict examination by the national bureau of quality inspection.
        St paul totally upgrated its products standarzation, reaching the level of E0 of the national healthy standard.

In 2004,  St paul was the firstone who introduced to produce moulding U - shaped imitation solid wood floor copying prepared solid wood flooring and put on production..
         St paul was titled advanced entreprise unit of the year.
         The products of St paul was rated as national green interior decoration material and China’s product quality credibility tracking unit.
         St paul was the first batch of products certified by CQC.
         St paul products was named Chian environmental labeling certified products.

In 2003,  St paul first launch anti geothermal multilayer wood flooring and put on production.  
        St paul was rated the fixed inspection unit of “laminate floor” in Hunan province for three consecutive years.
        St paul was titled quality and integrity unit of Changsha.
        St paul became a member of Hunan famous special products Management Association.

In 2002,  the first one of the country who succeesful development the piano surface floor covering.

In 2001,  St paul built the industry’s leading large-scale laboratory.

In 2002,  St paul wood flooring exported succeesfuly to Russia

In 1999,  St paul is the first company developing moulding pressing wide plate. And was named “ aircraft carrier in the floor industry”.

In 1998,  St paul’s sales volume breakthrough 2 million square meters.

In 1997,  St paul made the first piece of laminate wood floor of China.

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